Oil cooler
Hydraulic unit

Inverter oil cooler
Energy saving 33%
Distinction & Effect
  • Distinction
  • Variable operation depending on machine tool heat generation
  • Precise oil temperature control of ±0.1℃ with inverter control
  • Up to 80Hz variable operation to control comfortable seat oil temperature when load changes
  • Quick response in case of breakdown with monitoring function
  • Low noise and excellent compressor reliability due to low Hz operation
  • Optional heat pump function
  • Effect
  • 33% energy savings compared to standard type (official certification)
  • Double the product lifespan
  • Improved processing precision through rapid oil temperature control
  • Improved processing surface quality
  • Increased production speed
detailed description
  • Inverter compressor, electronic expansion valve, and fan motor phase control
  • High-efficiency, low-noise operation, precise oil temperature control, and high-speed control
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