Research and development
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  • 소비전력 저감 & CO2 감소
Research and development

Reduce power consumption

  • Reduce running costs
  • Suppress Co2 generation

Low fever

  • Reduces deterioration of hydraulic oil
  • Improved machining accuracy by reducing machine thermal strain
  • Reduced energy consumption of air conditioning equipment

Low noise

  • Creating a pleasant production environment

Simple operation

  • Simple, convenient maintenance
  • No need for complicated settings
    (can be started immediately after turning on the power)
  • In case of emergency, the inverter can be operated separately just by changing the power wiring.
Energy losses in hydraulic systems
Hydraulic energy → Reduction of various losses
Understanding hydraulic unit operation
Power consumption in hydraulic units
  • In the formula, lowering N and q depending on the load situation leads to reduction in power consumption.
  • When applying an inverter to a hydraulic unit, power consumption can be significantly reduced by reducing the number of revolutions N of the motor depending on the load situation.
Inverter system
  • Explanation
  • Installation is completed by attaching a pressure sensor and inverter storage box to existing equipment.
  • Wiring work requires only the inverter main circuit line and pressure sensor signal line.
  • In case of failure of the inverter or pressure sensor, the impact on productivity can be minimized by using the backup circuit so that work can be done immediately in the conventional way. (Option)/li>
01 Easy to install and adjust, allowing for safe driving (simple & compact)

The only additional installation parts are the inverter storage box and pressure sensor, so the hydraulic unit can be used as is by simply attaching the sensor.

02 Significant energy savings by reducing power consumption

By detecting the pressure maintenance state with a pressure sensor and automatically controlling the rotation speed of the hydraulic pump, power consumption can be significantly reduced in the pressure maintenance (packing pressure) state.

pressure machine
hydraulic pump
pressure sensor
pressure machine
hydraulic pump
pressure sensor
03 The inverter improves the noise environment of the process.

The noise environment of factories is an important environmental issue that must be improved in parallel with energy conservation. In the pressure maintenance (holding pressure) state, the rotation speed of the motor is reduced to the minimum, which not only saves energy but also significantly reduces noise.

04 You can use it with confidence thanks to the backup function.

By adding a backup function, if a pressure sensor or inverter failure occurs while the inverter is in use, it can be switched to the existing power source and operation can be performed with a simple switch operation, minimizing the impact on the production line and allowing the facility to continue operating.

Output voltage
Input voltage
05 Regardless of the input voltage (50/60HZ), the output voltage is 60HZ.

Even in countries where the input voltage is 50HZ, when the HIT system is attached, the output does not require a 60HZ MOTOR or PUMP step up.

01. Effect of inverter hydraulic unit
Power saving effect of more than 50% in MACHINE CENTER (comparison of pressure maintenance status)
  • In systems such as ATC (Auto Tool Changer) or APC (Auto Plate Changer), the machine center maintains pressure and remains on standby except when exchanging tools or plates. Inverters reduce unnecessary power in standby states and are optimal for facilities with long standby states.
Before use
After use
※ Condition 3.7KW ATC device

Annual CO2

saving effect

02. Effect of inverter hydraulic unit
Power saving effect of more than 43% on NC lathe (comparison of pressure maintenance state)
  • In NC lathes, devices such as check, clamp, and tool rotation are in a standby state while maintaining pressure in the hydraulic circuit while processing the product. The inverter system is optimal for reducing unnecessary power generated at this time.
Before use
After use
※ Condition 2.2KW ATC device

Annual CO2

saving effect

03. Effect of inverter hydraulic unit
* 1KW electricity amount : 120KRW   *Yearly operating time: 4,200 hours
motor capacity Power consumption per hour Annual power consumption Yearly savings
Normal UNIT Eco UNIT Normal UNIT Electricity amount Eco UNIT Electricity amount Saving amount Savings rate
2.2KW 1.7KW 0.58KW 7,140KW 856,800KRW 2,436KW 292,320KRW 564,480KRW 65.8%
3.7KW 2.9KW 0.65KW 12,180KW 1,461,600KRW 2,730KW 327,600KRW 1,134,000KRW 77.6%
5.5KW 5.2KW 0.9KW 21,840KW 2,620,800KRW 3,780KW 453,600KRW 2,167,200KRW 82.7%
7.5KW 5.6KW 1.2KW 23,520KW 2,822,400KRW 5,040KW 604,800KRW 2,217,600KRW 78.6%
11KW 5.7KW 0.7KW 23,940KW 2,872,800KRW 2,940KW 352,800KRW 2,520,000KRW 87.7%
15KW 8.1KW 1.2KW 34,020KW 4,082,400KRW 5,040KW 604,800KRW 3,477,600KRW 85.2%
※ Power consumption may vary depending on the CYCLE TIME of the machine tool.
※ The above power consumption is data measured on site.
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