Management Philosophy
Management Philosophy
Hidetech Co., Ltd. will impress customers through creative core technologies and continuous quality management activities to realize the high quality promised to customers.
High Quality
  • Maximization of customer satisfaction and customer value
  • Continuous research and development
  • Constant innovation
  • Good quality and best service
  • A trustworthy company
Achievement & Satisfaction
  • Maximize work satisfaction
  • Beware of the new family of participation and autonomy.
  • Not afraid of failure
  • Fair compensation and profit distribution for achievements
  • A place for self-development and a sense of community
Faith Partnership
  • Win-win partnership
  • Guidance and coaching
  • Zero Defect Challenge
  • “Better half” relationships
Growth & Revivify Company
  • Awareness of local community
    - Nurturing and development of local community
  • Corporate responsibility for future generations
It is different when made by Hidetech.
A company that realizes customer satisfaction with the best technology.
A company that secures quality and practices customer satisfaction management through continuous technology development.

Hydtech Co., Ltd. was established in December 1999 and has contributed to the development of the machine tool industry by manufacturing hydraulic units, oil coolers, coolant systems, filtering systems, and alkaline ionized water.

As a mid-sized company in the hydraulic industry, we have secured global technology and quality levels through continuous research and development efforts. Customer preferences are diversifying, and market demands for environmental protection and energy savings are gradually increasing.

To meet these customer expectations and market demands, Hidetech Co., Ltd. develops and produces pump energy-saving eco hide packs and inverter oil coolers.

Our vision in the 21st century is to become “a company that realizes customer satisfaction with the best technology.”
To this end, we strive to become a company that is trusted and loved by customers by continuously developing technology, securing quality, and practicing customer satisfaction management. I'll do it.

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