Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic unit
  • Actuate power supply devices for machine tools, industrial machinery, etc.
  • Device that converts hydraulic oil into energy
1 HYD-07-V08-030-030 3.0MPa 14L/min 0.75kW
2 HYD-15-V08-045-020 4.5MPa 14L/min 1.5kW
3 HYD-15-V16-040-014 4.0MPa 28L/min 1.5kW
4 HYD-15-V16-040-020 4.0MPa 28L/min 1.5kW
5 HYD-22-P16-040-016 4.0MPa 28L/min 2.2kW
6 HYD-22-P16-045-040 4.5MPa 28L/min 2.2kW
7 HYD-37-P16-070-090 7.0MPa 28L/min 3.7kW
8 HYD-37-P22-060-055 6.0MPa 33L/min 3.7kW
9 HYD-55-P16-100-090 10.0MPa 28L/min 5.5kW
10 HYD-55-P37-055-110 5.5MPa 55L/min 5.5kW
※ In addition to the standard UNIT, separate special specifications can be designed and manufactured.
Product introduction
Hydraulic unit
low noise, low heat
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Eco hide pack
40% to 80% energy savings
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Custom-made hydraulic unit
low noise, low heat
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Industrial hydraulic units
made to order
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